Katzie & Ben


We are a husband and wife team based in St. Paul, MN. 

Our evenings and weekends are spent loving and serving others through wedding and portrait photography. 





on a personal level

Our life is fueled by our Catholic faith with a particular devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, whose feast day we were married on! Bonus: the feast day moves each year, so we get to celebrate our anniversary twice. SCORE!

On car rides, we make puns out of passing license plates, because Katzie is a witty machine and Ben is the only one who can remotely keep up with her. 

Ben's family is full of board game enthusiasts, if you ever wanna go in together for a round of Pandemic or cribbage, we are SO there.

You could say that Katzie is both pro-naps and is a pro at napping. She was the only person we know who can sleep soundly on the cobblestone ground outside of St. Peter's in the middle of a crowd of 500,000 people. 

While Katzie has been photographing weddings since 2014, Ben got a formal promotion to the team when we tied the knot (a steady upgrade from +1 wedding date, to bag carrier, to second photographer, to business partner).


Our Love Story



We met in college during our study abroad semester in Rome, Italy!

Camped out all night for the canonization of St. John Paul II & St. John XXIII



Ben asked Katzie out on their first date: St. Paul Saints Baseball Game,

The night's theme included boy band music from backstreet boys to One Direction & ended with fireworks



"Yeah, I will marry you!" were Katzie's teary-eyed words as Ben proposed under the lights in Rice Park on the day after Christmas

Ben surprised Katzie with a ring AND matching jerseys (bride and groom versions) when asking her to "be on his team" for life as a tribute to our first date



Introducing the newly married, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson

Had so much wedding-day fun we even danced until the DJ closed at midnight
+ our 2.5 week honeymoon back to Italy!