Summer Engagement at Silverwood Park

McKenzie & Mike

Minnesota weather is as unpredictable as they come, and the rainy forecast cleared up 5 MINUTES before we pulled into the parking lot. We'd been waiting months for this special day to be back with Mike and Mckenzie who are truly kindred spirits to our witty humor Mike and Mckenzie grew up in the same small town in Wisconsin but didn't actually meet until years later through mutual friends.

When it came time to propose, Mike ditched his initial idea for an upcoming trip to Duluth and actually decided to propose two weeks EARLY! He brought in Mckenzie's friend Kelsey into the plot as they went for dinner and ice cream together. While strolling around Lake Harriet, Mike got down and popped the question with Kelsey there to capture the emotions and memories forever! 

We are so honored to get these two back in front of the camera to create more memories that celebrate this exciting season of wedding planning. It's the perfect break in the middle of planning to let the most playful sides show - and OH how you should see how Mike makes his bride-to-be LAUGH! The joy is overflowing. We hope you catch a glimpse of it too and that it spreads to you the way it did to us. 

As they sat in the rocking chairs by the fire, we so perfectly pictured - literally ;) - how adorable these two will be 50 years from now when they look back on this moment and think about how deep their love has grown since this day. When they think back to being engaged and find it hard to even imagine a day without one another beside them. You can tell that this kind of love is the kind that lasts forever and we can't wait for April to be here to finally make it all official!