Fall Wooded Path Engagement Session


Oh man, these two!! Meg and Zac got a well deserved break from wedding planning to snuggle up with one another. They're adventurers through and through. It made sense that we went to a wooded path at a nature center for their engagement session. The best kinds of locations are places that are meaningful to our couples. This was no exception. This particular spot is extra dear to their hearts because long before our time together they carved their names into one of the trees. Hearing that, we melted at how sweet and romantic that was.

They're not only adventurers in the places they go, but in anything that comes their way in the process. We were racing Mother Nature before our weather radar showed the thunderstorm quickly approaching. Knowing how pressed for time we were, they were more than up for the challenge to take advantage of every possible minute before the rain rolled in. 

Sure enough, the sprinkles started and thunder roared in the distance. I got a glimpse of light in the back of my peripherals and turned to Ben to ask him if he just used flash on that last image. I quickly realized after he began shaking his head that it was not our cameras at all. Lightning was ahead.  While we wish we had more time to capture more memories, we are so excited to see Meg and Zac in just a few short months at their winter wedding!