Showered with Love | Jill's Wedding Shower in Arequipa, Peru

Jill's wedding in Arequipa, Peru was an incredible experience from start to finish with grand celebrations surrounding the big day. One of which was a bridal shower luncheon at a family friend's home. Cue: jaw dropping. 

The second we walked into the backyard we were blown away by the thoughtfulness of every detail. There was a story behind each element. For example, the host's daughter prepared ALL of the food. Seriously, we are talkin' professional-level catering kinds of hors d'oeuvres. Not only that, but fresh flower bouquets were ordered as centerpieces on all of the tables with purple-colored everything - down to the straws - to match Jill's wedding colors. They arranged bars of soap (gifts for each guest) to spell out Jill's name. Our host teased that she is probably going to find little cut outs of Jill's name for years ;)

Pinch me now. 

Once we finally picked our jaws back up, we then went around to each table and greeted every guest individually in true Peruvian fashion. 

After we were settled into our meal, the younger generation came around the corner holding signs with the groom's face on it and funny phrases for the Future Mrs. Sanchez such as "he liked it so he put a ring on it."  It's a comfort to know that Beyonce references are appreciated just as much in other cultures as it is in the U.S. 

All the single ladies definitely put our hands up that afternoon celebrating our great friend Jill. 

Excuse me while I go pour myself another glass of sangria. ;)