St. Thomas Engagement Session

It was junior year of college and I was walking with Leah down the streets of Rome during our study abroad semester. We had a month left across the globe and she confided in me her latest revelation: she really "like liked" this boy named Matt back home. Disclaimer: like-like is not exactly how Leah said it, but the sentiment still rings true. ;) 

It didn't take long after returning to the good ol' U.S. of A that Leah and Matt started dating that summer. Two years later, Matt liked it so much that he put on a ring on it. 

Being Leah's current roommate, I am privy to seeing the behind the scenes view into their relationship. Whether that is watching their teamwork making dinner together (Matt's expertise and Leah's innovation) or noticing how warm and kind their words are towards one another, not to mention there is the extra perk for me of benefiting from their excellent shared taste in music. In all of these instances, I am so grateful that I have gotten to celebrate alongside Leah and Matt through each new phase of their relationship and watch their daily journey growing deeper in their relationship with Christ and with one another.

Thanks for allowing me such a special role of showcasing your love as you are preparing for the vocation of marriage. And thanks for the good dose of nostalgia being back under the St. Thomas arches remembering how far we've come since freshman year and how good the Lord is to us.