My First Wedding: Liz and Michael

On this day three years ago, I photographed my FIRST solo wedding for a dear friend and classmate, Liz and (her now husband) Michael.

Looking back on their wedding day, I am filled with so much GRATITUDE. Don't get me wrong - I was terrified by the pressure of documenting such an important milestone in their relationship.  I was nervous that I didn't have the skills necessary. 

But I was also profoundly trusted by Liz and Michael. Liz approached me after taking a photojournalism class together at St. Thomas and invited me in to document this special day. I was SURPRISED by how my fears and worries washed away when I realized the gift it was to be right at the heart of their joy. 

I came to realize how special it is to preserve those first moments as newlyweds. Sharing that experience with them and providing a tangible copy of that memory is priceless

They were smitten the day they said "I do" and their love has only grown into an incredible witness of marriage in the Church. 

I married the man of my dreams.
He’s still the man of my dreams today, but for a totally different set of reasons. I’m so dang lucky.
- Liz
June 14, 2016

When I hear of couples who not only married for love, but who also fostered a marriage that is still full of love years down the road, my heart overflows. 

I saw firsthand how Liz and Michael's strong foundation of trust and support spreads like wildfire. Thanks to their CONFIDENCE in me, I was able to push myself to take a new risk and it sparked a new interest, a new direction: weddings! 

Michael and I just went through them all. I’m in love with every single one - you caught so many beautiful moments.
- Liz

Thank you to all of the other brides and grooms, and particularly to Liz and Michael, who gave me the opportunity to celebrate alongside you! Thank you for allowing me the ability to develop my talent and to share these memories with you throughout the years. We are blessed!