How to Get the Best Getting Ready Photos


Hello there, sweet bride! You are rockin' this whole wedding planning checklist. Crossing off item after item while watching your vision come together. You go girl! 

As you're making arrangements for your ceremony, your reception, and more, don't forget to also make arrangements for where you will get ready for the day. We want to have the best experience and the best photos right from the start! 

To ensure that you start off on the right foot - or heel because it IS your wedding after all! - I want to let you into the my tried and true secrets from my years of experience as a wedding photographer and from being a bride myself!  

Because I've got a blank space baby...

It doesn't take long before a bridal suite becomes a tornado - it happens to the best of us! Designate a personal attendant or friend who can keep the room tidy so that we can take memorable photos without clutter in the background. It will make your photos look twice what they are worth if they are taken in a neat area with non-distracting background. Sometimes it is unavoidable that the getting ready photos take place in some of the least glamorous places like in a classroom or even a bright blue nursery with cartoons on the walls - true story - but together we can find the best place to show your style and provide you with the best images possible.

Let there be light!

Plan on dressing in an area where lots of natural light can enter so that your photos are just as radiant as you! This is best near large windows when indoors or shaded areas with neutral backgrounds while outdoors.

It's all in the details

Gather together the items ahead of time in one spot for the detail photos. You may need to coordinate the flowers arriving at the getting ready location in order to have them for the first look and to include them in the detail photos. 

• hanging wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses
• wedding and engagement rings (bride and groom)
• bouquet
• wedding invitations
• bride's jewelry, shoes, purse, perfume
• groom's tie, cuff links, handkerchief, shoes, watch, cologne
• items that are sentimental, gifts, notes, or monogrammed

Don't forget to think about what your dress will hang on. We recommend a strong wooden hanger from your closet, from a cute etsy shop, or from a DIY project that you do to make the hanger your own! 

Say Cheese!

I am excited, the bridal party is excited, your families are excited, and YOU are excited! This is a big day with a full schedule. It can be easy in the midst of moving from one event to the next (trying not to trip on beautiful gowns) that we forget to SHOW the joy we are actually feeling inside! Give your wedding party that extra reminder to smile and set the tone for the day. You invited these special individuals to come together around you on your wedding day. Have fun, laugh, and the joy will overflow into beautiful images. 

Now, you're THAT much closer to being prepared for your wedding day and also THAT much closer to being married! You got this! 


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