Lush Spring Engagement Session at Hidden Falls

Get ready to see some sweet, sweet love between Luke and Ashley! They are naturally just TOO cute and it overflowed into every image.  

These two are college sweethearts from my alma mater. I have several mutual connections with them from taking classes with Luke's sister in college and I was a former roommate to the awesome gal that Ashley is currently living with, but this wedding planning process is the first time that I have gotten to know each of them myself. It's been a treat to learn more about them, their relationship, and the cute traditions they've started together. For instance, they set out to try every milkshake flavor at the local Snuffy's Malt Shop on Cleveland Ave. After crossing over twenty off their list and only have the "boring" ones left to go like blueberry, vanilla, and chocolate. I love it and now I know who to call when I need to satisfy my sweet tooth near campus - these two! 

Taking their engagement session was extra dear to my heart because it was on my birthday. Couples share so many intimate moments with me at every milestone along the road to their marriage that it was really special for me to invite them in to celebrate one of my life milestones too. It is the best gift in the world to be around joyful couples who have one objective: spend time just loving on each other.

Plus mother nature gave us all a great gift too of sending the rain away for the weekend so that we could have a lush, spring day taking engagement photos at Hidden Falls Regional Park in St. Paul, MN. We kept them hidden from you here in this post so that you have all the more incentive to go out exploring them too ;)

Thanks for making my day so memorable, Ashley & Luke. You two are an incredible duo and I can't wait to keep celebrating with you at every step of the way.

Bach Family: Newborn In-Home Session

Oh friends, meet the sweetest little baby! Jude, who is quite the darling little dude, was quite the trooper for our session, staying calm and flexible the entire time! BONUS that he rocked an adorable Easter outfit that will melt your heart. Let's just say that "some bunny" is way toooo cute! 

Spending time with his mom and dad was equally a joy. They opened their hearts and home to me and Ben as we captured them in their essence. Being a few years ahead of us on the marriage front, they generously offered words of encouragement and advice to us. I am always so thankful for couples who focus on creating a marriage that is even more beautiful than the wedding day - and trust me after ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the many gorgeous photos of their wedding day that proudly decorate their home what a testament this is to them! What a grace that their love multiplied since they entered the sacrament of marriage to bring the world this precious son.

Congratulations, Bach family!

Baby Jude - Katzie Truso Photography - Minnesota Newborn Photographer
Baby in the Crib - Minnesota Newborn Photography
Baby Easter Bunny Photo
Baby Easter Bunny - Minnesota Newborn Session
Minnesota newborn photographer in home session
Minnesota Catholic Family Newborn Session
Newborn in home photo session
Holding Baby - Katzie Truso - Minnesota Newborn Photographer
A mother's love  - Baby Jude - Minnesota Newborn Photographer
A mother and father's love - Minnesota Newborn Photography

Katzie's Bridal Shower

Q. Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?
A. Fo'drizzle!

Speaking of rain - a special kind of April shower came through this year that brought together my friends and family...and by shower I mean my bridal shower! I have to give a huge shoutout (holla!) at my maid of honor, Molly, who hosted this beautiful and unforgettable brunch for our crew of 30. To say she knows the way to my heart, like any great best friend does, is an understatement. Our party kicked off with a mimosa bar (heck yes), an assortment of delicious egg bakes, caprese bites (in theme with the honeymoon plans to go to Italy), and concluded with ring-styled mini donuts and homemade cake balls for dessert.

It wouldn't be complete though without opening the thoughtful gifts from important women in my life and then making them partake in classic party games like making wedding dresses out of toilet paper! Watch out fashion industry, they're comin' for ya with their fresh styles. 

The day was perfect and I couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear. Thanks again to all of you incredible women who came to shower me with love. I can't wait for more celebrations to come as we countdown to June 23! Ben and I are so blessed by your company, your support, and your prayers in this time of preparation for marriage.

Felt letterboard - Showered with Love sign - Katzies Bridal Shower 2017

Donuts for brunch? Sure has a nice ring to it ;)


The cake balls were courtesy of her little sister Katie whose baking skills are, no joke,! 


"These cake balls were LITERALLY the most amazing food ever created." - Chris Traeger, Parks and Rec. Okay he didn't actually say that because there were no boys allowed...BUT if he were allowed to come that's exactly the kind of response he would have. 

Bridal Shower Idea - Date Suggestions on a Stick

Each guest wrote out a date night idea for me and Ben.
My favorite was my baby cousin Abby's response: "Come play with me!"

Snapchat geofilter for bridal shower with kelsey
Bridal Shower Polaroid Photos with Snapchat Geotag

When your best friend creates a Snapchat geotag for your day <3


Gift opening time! 

Following the meal came gift opening. While it is a gift itself to simply have these incredible women in my life, I am so grateful for the thoughtful gifts they gave to help Ben and me make our future home and future experiences together special.

Oven Mitts from Bed Bath and Beyond
Opening Bridal Shower Gifts

The competition got heated in a classic round of toilet paper wedding dress. Three teams wrapped their representative in toilet paper for the most bride-like attire they could muster until the timer ran out. And the winner was *drumroll*.......

Toilet Paper Bridal Shower Game

My future mother-in-law's team (middle) for their creativity and vintage throwback with puffy sleeves and a toilet paper flower attached to a headpiece. Now, if I had to actually choose one of the final dresses to wear, it would definitely be my friend Hannah's (right) for its modern, classic and traditional style that is more reflective of my personality. I would definitely wear the veil of my Aunt Dianne (left) to complete the look. 

Baby Avery with balloons

Leah was on babysitting duty for her ADORABLE niece and anyone who loves balloons is welcome to party with us. So Avery definitely made the cut.


I'm so thankful for the women who lead me closer to Christ
and made me the woman I am today. 

Mother and Mother-in-law

Mama T (left) and my future mother-in-law Mama N (right).

Bride to Be

T-minus 2 months until I am officially a Nelson! Let the celebrations continue!!